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Water and Sanitation

Countrywide Access to Quality Water

The Vision of Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) is to ensure an efficient, sustainable and financially viable water and sewerage sector delivering a high quality service to customers. The company’s has embarked on an aggressive programme to bridge the divide between access to quality water on the coastland and in the hinterland and river-rain communities.

Regional Development

Green Spaces and Smart Stops

A new model of regional development surrounds the eradication of a colonial compound mentality and replace it with a mindset of promoting businesses, driving economic development and giving leadership. It hinges on the realization that the regional system is not an appendage of central government but rather a driver of local economic empowerment

Local Government

The Bartica Boulevard

The Government is committed to the role of local government in national development. Every feasible and sustainable effort will be made to continue to provide the needed institutional and technical support to transition the local government system to the state where it can effectively serve the people; fulfil the intended functions and become the envisioned catalyst to national development.