Cooperative Republic of Guyana

$1.8B approved for Region Eight

Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan.

A total of $1.8B was approved by the Committee of Supply for Potaro/Siparuni (Region Eight) for the delivery of governmental services in 2018.

The monies approved covers current expenditure of $1,574,576B and Capital Expenditure $226,265M, and will provide for intervention in Regional Administration and Finance ($136,873M), Public Infrastructure ($288.092M), Education Delivery ($981.849M), Health Services ($370,676M) and Agriculture ($23,351M).

The projects to be realized include: the completion of bridges at Mipaparu, Yawong, Kawa and Tuseneng; the rehabilitation of the Three Miles Bridge; the construction of a road from Kanawaruk to Morwa; the completion of the Kaibarupai Primary School; the construction of Itabac Primary School; the Mahdia District Hospital and the Mahdia Nurses’ Hostel.

Responding to queries, Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan explained that the monies will also provide for dietary needs for the new students of the Kato Secondary, which is expected to be opened early next year.

When questioned about the stock of the medical supplies and whether the sum allocated for the provision of said in 2018 was sufficient, the Minister affirmed that the region will be adequately supplied with drugs and medical equipment.

Meanwhile, Opposition Member of Parliament Pauline Sukhai expressed profound gratitude for the several road projects which will be completed next year to the benefit of the North Pakaraima’s residents.


By: Zanneel Williams

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