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A change in game plan; Department of Housing seeking more community support

The Ministry of Communities, Department of Housing will be executing its tasks with special emphasis on community support, which according to Minister with Responsibility for Housing Valerie Patterson, translates into funding, volunteerism and a voice in local policy making.

Speaking during a recently held Senior Staff Conference of the Ministry of Communities, Minister Patterson underscored that developing and improving community services is not a job for a single entity, since involving those who stand to benefit most directly makes sense in a number of ways.

A broader range of ideas and information help in understanding community history, which would in turn have an effect on how the services can be successfully structured and delivered, the Minister alluded.

Giving a practical example, Minister Patterson said often times funds are wasted on small projects because officials fail to consult with the particular community, a trend she endeavors to change.

The Minister reiterated that trying to improve services should be an ongoing effort in any community, hence the need for a strategic plan for improving this process.

When it’s apparent that services are not having the desired effect or when the media uncovers a problem that has been existent for many years, Minister Patterson said then it is imperative that community involvement be sought.

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