Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Region 2 – Pomeroon – Supernaam

The Pomeroon-Supenaam region comprises forested highland and low coastal plain, but also takes in a small portion of the hilly sand and clay region.

The 42,769 people of this region live in Amerindian settlements and more established villages concentrated along the coast. The town of Anna Regina, on the west bank of the Essequibo River, grew out of a government land development scheme and is made up of former plantations such as Henrietta, Lima, La Belle Alliance.

The Tapakuma Project in this Region links the Tapakuma, Reliance and Capoey lakes into one large conservancy, which supplies irrigation water for rice fields which dominate Region Two. One of Guyana’s largest rice producers, Kayman Sankar Ltd operates in this region, producing rice not only for local consumption, but also for export to other countries of the world.

Besides rice farming, some people cultivate coconuts and care for beef and dairy cattle. Timber production is conducted on a very small scale in this region. Not surprisingly, the Region is known as ‘the Rice land’.

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