Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Region 3 – Essequibo Islands – West Demerara

The Essequibo Islands-West Demerara Region is made up of the islands in the Essequibo River such as Leguan and Wakenaam, and the Western portion of mainland Demerara. It is made up of low coastland, hilly sand and clay, and a small portion of forested highland regions.

This Region has a population of 91,328 people who live in villages, many along the coast. Rice farming is predominant, with small amounts of sugar and coconut cultivation.

The Boerasirie Extension Project converted the Boerasire Conservancy and the Canals Polder Conservancy into a single reservoir, and reclaimed thousands of hectares of land, suitable for farming. The water from the conservancy is used during the dry seasons for irrigation.

Sugar cane and coconuts are cultivated on a smaller scale and there is also beef and dairy farming.

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