Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Region 5 – Mahaica Berbice

The Mahaica-Berbice Region extends east of the Mahaica River to the west bank of the Berbice River. A large part of the region is low coastal plain. Further inland lays the Intermediate Savannahs and hilly sand and clay region.

The population of Region Five: 49,498, is much lower than in Region Four.

Rice farming is the main economic activity of this region, followed by sugar and coconut farming, and beef and dairy cattle ranching. The Region has a water conservancy project aimed at improving the drainage and irrigation of the area. Great dams were erected across the headwaters of the Mahaica, Mahaicony and Abary Creeks to prevent the flooding of the farmlands in front of them during the wet seasons. During the dry seasons, the dams are opened to allow the land to be properly irrigated.

Amerindians living in inland settlements make beautiful nibbi furniture, tibisiri baskets and other craft items, which they sell to earn their living.

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