Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Region 6 – East Berbice- Corentyne

The East Berbice-Corentyne Region is the only one to include parts of all the four natural [geographic] regions: coastal plain, intermediate savannah, hilly and sandy clay area and forested highland. It is also the only Region with three towns: New Amsterdam, Rose Hall and Corriverton. The population of the Region is 142,839.

This Region, an important rice-producing, cattle-rearing and sugarcane-producing area, is very difficult to drain and irrigate. Because of this, the Torani Canal was dug to join the Berbice River and the Canje Creek. Water flows between the two and provides adequate water for irrigating the land between them.
The area of Black Bush Polder, which used to be a large swamp, was established as a land development scheme. The Government of Guyana gave people land for houses and for farming rice and their own kitchen farms.

Herds of cattle are reared for beef and dairy on the Intermediate Savannahs. Many of the other resources of the Region are not fully exploited. Logging is only conducted on a small scale, although the seasonal forests of this Region can yield a variety of timber.

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