Cooperative Republic of Guyana

CH&PA heightening efforts to ensure that Guyanese get value for their money

The Central Housing and Planning Authority CH&PA within the ministry of Communities on Friday, June 16, 2017 held a workshop for the clerks of works.

Chief Executive Officer CH&PA, Lelon Saul, said the aim is to train staff on the proper standards for the supervision of projects.

“You are aware we have several projects outside there in terms of infrastructure development in our schemes and quality control is one of our major concerns so the session basically, is designed so as to provide our clerks of works with the necessary knowledge so they can effectively supervise our projects,” Saul explained.

CH&PA Director of Projects acting, Omar Narine says that the training is to ensure that the Guyanese public get their money’s worth.

“These works are worth millions of dollars and we want to give the Guyanese people value for money we don’t want to do shady work we don’t want them to approve shoddy work, we want our work to be done in accordance with the(prescribed) standards,” Narine explained.

The Bureau of Standards is pressing ahead with their building codes and the department is making every stride to keep in line with the standards, Naraine pointed out. He noted that the clerk of works will be in a better position to reject shady work by the contractors.

On completion of the training the CH&PA clerks of works are expected to improve their competency level and quality of supervision of the projects they supervise, towards ensuring that the agency receives maximum value for its money.

The training will also be facilitated for senior level ground staff which will include engineers and project managers.

By: Delon Sancho | GINA