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Government committed to local democracy – Bulkan

Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan addresses residents of Region Two; Pomeroon-Supenaam at the opening of Essequibo Night 2016, at the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, October 24, 2016

Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, has assured residents of Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) that the Government remains committed to working with elected regional and local officials to bring about improvements in their region and their lives.

The Minister was at the time addressing residents at the opening of Essequibo Night 2016 held at the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground on Friday, October 21. The event was held under the theme, “Exploring new production frontiers in pursuit of climate change.”

The Minister reassured residents that the Government remains true to its pledge that their regional and local authorities will be the lead agencies that have responsibility for identifying and implementing priority activities and programmes within the region, that are designed to bring about development.

“This Administration pledged, and since our ascension into office we have sought to discharge that responsibility,” Minister Bulkan said.

Bulkan explained that instead of interfering or micro-managing the affairs of the region, the Administration has ensured that there is meaningful cooperation and collaboration with regional elected officials. He said that the Administration recognizes that only through such means can it deliver on the needs of people and bring about development that is “real, lasting and sustainable.”

The minister pointed out that the Administration recognises the roles of central government, regional government and local government. he said for development to be sustainable then all three levels of government have to function. He said it is therefore important for central government to ensure that meaningful cooperation is extended to the two other tiers of government that would allow for their effective functioning.

The minister reminded the gathering that when the Regional Chairpersons took the Oath of Office shortly after the General and Regional Elections of 2015, that President David Granger would have charged them to develop, “plan of actions for each of the regions.”

Bulkan noted that in making the charge, the President was making it clear that the “regions are managed from within,” as provided by the constitution.

“The President was making it known that he expects each of our  RDCs (Regional Democratic Councils) to function and he tasks that responsibility  of identifying the priority of our regions to be within our respective RDCs,” Bulkan said.

Earlier in the day, the minister and his team would have engaged the members of the Region Two RDC and the Anna Regina Town Council where he reiterated central government’s support for collaborations to address issues affecting the region,.

Regional Chairman, Daveanand Ramdatt, in his brief address to the gathering alluded to the minister’s earlier engagement with the council. He told the crowd that the RDC was going to work with central government to address issues such as blackout and those affecting the rice industry and the business community.

Essequibo Night was first started by the late Minister of Agriculture, Satyadeo Sawh, several years ago to give businesses, manufacturers and farmers an opportunity to showcase their products and produce and to provide entertainment and a grand cultural show for the thousands who attended.

The October 21-22, 2016 activity showcased items grown or manufactured in the region and across Guyana

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