Cooperative Republic of Guyana

GWI begins “aggressive” plan to provide better quality water

The Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Water Inc. (GWI), Dr. Richard Van West- Charles on Monday declared the commencement of an aggressive approach to improve the quality of water that citizens receive.

The GWI CEO made the statement at the opening of a four-day training for company engineers, technicians and operators to better position them to purify water and design and construct water treatment plants.

Dr. Van West Charles said the session which will expose GWI staff to training from their colleagues in Suriname compliments the company’s intense focus on water quality.

It was noted that only 50% of the population currently receive treated water and the CEO said he intends to provide a better quality of water to more citizens.

He said when he took over as CEO last October, the quality of water was far below what it is today and assured that engineers are working continuously to improve the quality of water.

Twenty-five staff members from the utility company are currently participating in the training that is being done by persons from the Suriname Water Company and Surinamese company – Water is Our World.

Dr. Van West Charles said GWI is currently working with the University of Guyana to include courses that address directly water engineering and water treatment.

He said most of the Engineers who come from UG are not exposed to this type of training and while the four-day training is not adequate it is urgently needed.

The CEO said the company is also looking to address the instances of leaks which continues to compromise water quality and cause the company to loose money.

The CEO refused to comment on the use of Antinfek by the Guyana Water Inc. which has created some amount of unease among citizens. The company had previously stated that the chemical was not being used.

When asked directly whether there was a plan to use the chemical as a purifier in the future, Dr. Van West Charles said he would address the matter at a later press conference.

He did indicate that the disinfectant was widely used around the world and endorsed it as a chemical that is harmless to humans is used rightly.

The CEO said GWI has not discontinued the use of chlorine and pointed out that Antinfek had been used by GWI previously and before he took over as the CEO.  (Kurt Campbell)

Source: Newsourcegy

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