Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Housing Agenda

The Ministry of Communities through the Department of Housing and the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) is committed to a new and re-imagined housing policy aimed at placing a roof over the head of every citizen regardless of their economic and social status, ethnicity or political affiliation.

The new policy points to housing as a total community experience with a comfortable living space along with schools, shopping centres, places of worship and recreation, hospitals and the necessary infrastructure such as electricity, water, road and sanitation.

The Ministry recognizes the crucial link that housing creates between quality of life and job creation and remains committed to the reorientation (giving priority to housing needs of the most vulnerable) resourcing (provide for the holistic needs of residents), regularization (bringing shanties, slums and squatter settlements to an end) and the regionalization (increasing the rural and hinterland housing stock to ensure that Guyanese living in-or seeking to return to these areas have a place to call home).