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Kumaka ‘waterfront’ vendors to occupy new marketing tarmac

Vendors at the “waterfront”.

Vendors plying their trade at the Kumaka waterfront, in Mabaruma (Region 1), can begin occupying the new Marketing Tarmac as early as March month-end. This is a pioneer project of the maiden Mabaruma Town Council.

A section of the stalls built by the Ministry of Communities.

A section of the stalls built by the Ministry of Communities.

The project, which began in 2017, saw the construction of 21 stalls by the Ministry of Communities. The Mayor and Town Council also built 24 additional smaller stalls. Open space was made available for private persons to construct their own.

Catching up on some projects of the Ministry of Communities on Wednesday, Council’s Superintendent of Works, Egbert Dubra told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the stalls have already been rented to the vendors who are expected to start vending at the end of March.

He explained that while the stands were already completed, there were some concerns about the walkway, which he noted has been concreted.

“So, there are the pioneer stalls and other small stalls that they (vendors) can occupy. People can now drive in and do their shopping. It is in a better position for people to take the challenge,” Dubra told the DPI.

By the end of the new week, the sanitary block will also be completed, the works engineer said, making the marketing tarmac 100 per cent complete for month end.

The 267 feet waterfront is set to see a transformation with a new boardwalk.

Alexis Rodney.

Images: Leon Leung. | DPI

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