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Linden communities to get internet hubs

THE 2016 budget has made possible the provision of an E-Governance programme to be launched soon in various communities across Linden.This pilot programme will see the establishment of internet hubs equipped with computers and various hardware appliances, according to Assistant National Director of the Community Development Council, Sandra Adams, who spoke to the residents during the 2016 budget update.

She said that upon receiving confirmation from the Ministry of the Presidency E-Governance Unit, the team identified communities in which these hubs will be established and students will benefit from these services free of cost. These communities include Victory Valley, Block 22, Cinderella City and Bamia.

“The children or adults will be able to go to these centres, use the computers to surf the internet, do homework or anything that is relevant to the technology, free of cost,” she explained.

Residents will also use the areas around the community technology centres to gain internet access free of cost as it would be a hotspot zone. “So this is a way of bringing to you an easier way of life, you don’t have to spend money to go to some printing shop or somewhere to get your stuff done,” she said.

Adams disclosed also that the programme should commence before the Independence Golden Jubilee celebrations in May, depending on how fast the construction and installation team completes the offices and installation of the systems.

The team is currently in discussion on whether the center’s operation will be supervised by a paid staff member as a means of creating employment.

The feedback garnered from this pilot programme will determine how quickly other communities will benefit from a similar initiative. There are also plans to provide training to parents and teachers in computer literacy. Adams noted that this is just one of the programmes initiated in accordance with President Granger’s call for ‘A good life for all Guyanese’.

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