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Local Gov’t Ministry presents much needed equipment to Region 1 communities

EARLIER this month, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development embarked on an outreach to several Region 1 communities during which teams comprising Ministers of the Government heard about the needs and concerns of residents from 21 communities in the Moruca sub-district. Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Ganga Persaud yesterday reported that based on the identification of needs by residents in Waramuri, Wallaba, Parakese, Assakata, Haimacabra and Santa Rosa, the ministry was able to make available funds to purchase some of the items requested by the communities.

Some of the needs related to transportation, supply of medical drugs, education, sports equipment and more doctors and teachers.
Waramuri had expressed the need for support to upgrade their play ground. Minister Persaud indicated that the request was presented to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and it is his understanding that the ministry will provide $1M to that community. The ministry in 2012 was also able to give support to Shea for its ground.
Additionally, Kamwatta has also expressed interest in developing its sports ground and the Ministry of Local Government has guided village leaders on preparing their submissions to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.
Minister Persaud noted that at Haimacabra a request was made by the women’s group for a sewing machine, and on June 21 that request materialised when a machine valued $50,000 was presented to the women. On that same day the residents of Parakese received their solar panel and fittings worth $400,000 for the health hut, to ensure adequate lighting to the facility whenever there are medical emergencies at night.
The minister added that at Wallaba, a similar situation existed. However, that village’s solar panel was damaged and they recieved one from the Ministry of Local Government.
Residents of Assakata benefited from a fogging machine which will be put towards the eradication of Acoushi ants which are affecting the farmers.
Meanwhile, a youth group in Santa Rosa received a volley ball and net.
Minister Persaud said the residents commended the government for its interest and pro-developmental interventions in the villages. (GINA)