Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Low income housing for public servants in 2017 (Ref GINA)

Minister with responsibility for Housing, Valerie Patterson

The Government’s housing programme for 2017 will focus on providing housing for low income earners and state employees. According to Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Valerie Adams- Patterson, apartments will be constructed for low income earners and state employees in 2017.

“We are focusing on low income and state employees. If you are a state employee; a police, soldier, nurse, teacher etcetera, immediately you are in a category that fits the whole scenario.  Income is also taken into consideration for these housing,” Patterson said.

Diamond, East La Penitence and Cummings Lodge are areas identified for the provisions of housing using methods such as “rent’ to own and partnerships with housing developers.

In a recent interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA), Minister Adams-Patterson said the Government was discontinuing the 1000 homes Turnkey housing project at Perseverance and Providence, given poor occupancy rate and the number of people still waiting for a house lot.

Further, the minister said single flat, double flat apartments, condominiums and duplexes are being considered since these would allow for more efficient use of available lands. Financing for the condominiums and duplexes have been proposed for the 2017 budget.

Acknowledging concerns raised in some quarters, the Minister pointed out that the style of buildings will not reduce the individuals’ privacy in any way.

“You are not sharing. You have your own space; it’s a complete apartment with everything. The only space you share is when you go to the stairs or the elevator,” the Minister noted.