Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Major projects for Region One fall under Education and Health

Georgetown, GINA, April 11, 2013

The 2013 budgetary allocations for Region One, Barima-Waini will target mainly projects in the education and health sectors and will at the same time continue the hinterland electrification process in the region.

The north-west region is predominantly forested highland with more than 24,000 residents, in 47 villages who undertake logging and gold-mining as the main economic activities. The largest logging operation is run by the Barama Company, which transports timber to Demerara to be processed into plywood. There are many other timber operations, as the tropical rainforest yields many species of hardwood and other useful types of wood. Mining for gold and diamond has seen the setting up of dredges of various sizes.  The popular Shell Beach is also located in this region as Guyana works towards the conservation of sea turtles.

Various allocations for this Region will include the construction of an administrative office in Baramita while an All Terrain Vehicle is on the cards to be purchased for one of the sub regions. More land will be made accessible for flood free and sustainable farming in the Mabaruma Sub District which is the administrative centre of the region. This will be met with a further investment of $7.426 M to complete the empoldering of farmlands along the Barima and Aruka Rivers.

The thousands of acres of rich soil in the region will be better able through the empoldering to increase yields and propagate more varieties of the main crops which include coffee, ground provisions (such as cassava, eddo and yam), cabbage, beans, corn, peanuts, and citrus fruits. Further, this is the area which supplies the famous Pomeroon casareep.

The sum of $123.6M has been allocated towards construction and rehabilitation of bridges, revetment and roads. It will also cater for the purchase of an outboard engine and boat for the Works Department to enhance monitoring and evaluation of projects; completion of the Barabina Electricity Extension Project- Phases 1 and 2; the upgrading of the electricity distribution network, Mabaruma and the extension of electricity distribution to Bumbury.

This Region will also be spending an additional $5 819 M in 2013, thereby expending $52M on education buildings, teachers’ quarters, and sanitary facilities, as well as transportation and furniture and equipment.  These projects will include the completion of the Port Kaituma Dormitory and the Hosororo Primary School buildings; the construction of teachers’ quarters at Baramita; the construction of a Primary School at Canal Bank, a request which was consistently made by the residents of Canal Bank, which will cut down paddling distances by miles for children.

Additionally, the construction of sanitary blocks at Kwebanna, Karaburi, Koko and Bumbury Nursery Schools are catered for; the purchase of outboard engines and boats to enhance supervision, and transporting of supplies; the purchase of  school furniture such as nursery sets, desks, benches, chalkboards, cupboards, lunch kit racks, chairs, tables, mattresses, bed frames and suite; the purchase of equipment, brushcutter, refrigerators, photocopiers, fire extinguishers, stove and fans.

Sums were also allocated in the Budget 2013 to be expended on health Buildings, purchases of vehicle, furniture and equipment.

Other projects to be undertaken under allocations from this year’s budget will include the completion of Medex/ Community health worker’s living quarters’ at Baramita; rehabilitation of Karaburi Health Post; extension of Wauna Health Post; enclosure of nurses’ hostel at Mabaruma; construction of hospital incinerators at Moruca, Mabaruma, Port Kaituma and Matthews Ridge; purchase of a vehicle; and purchase of recumbent bike, cast cutter, spinal boards, ECG equipment, X-ray machine, microscope, fans, fire extinguishers, mattresses, stoves, refrigerators and radio sets.

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