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The municipalities operate under the Municipal and District Councils Act Chapter 28:01. The provision allows for a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors, the Town Clerk is the Administrator. Each Council has the responsibility for solid waste collection and disposal, maintenance of infrastructure services (roads, bridges, etc.), market facilities, and child welfare services among others.

Like NDCs, Municipalities receive an annual subvention from the Ministry of Local Government & Regional Development. This is in accordance to budgetary allocations approved by Parliament and meant to execute developmental works. However, the collection of rates and taxes are the main source of revenue for these councils.

Below is a breakdown of the number of Councillors in each Municipality:

Municipality Georgetown New Amsterdam Corriverton Rose Hall Anna Regina Linden Mabaruma Bartica Lethem
No. of Councillors 30 15 15 12 15 18

Anna Regina Town Council

Anna Regina attained the status of township on August 1st, 1970. It comprises of eighteen villages from Walton Hall in the North to Three Friends in the South. It covers an area of approximately 78.5 sq. km with the main focus on agriculture with other commercial activities are becoming evident. Anna Regina is the only township on the Essequibo Coast.

Anna Regina Town Council
Essequibo Coast

Telephone: 771-4302
No. of seats in the council: 15
Meeting: 1st Thursday, 13:00 Hrs
Meeting place: Town Council Boardroom


Mr.Rajendra Lall Prabhulall


Deputy Mayor

Ms. Lorna Fitzallen


Town Clerk

Ms. Diane Critchlow

771-4302/771-5331/ 674-0799

Georgetown City Council

Georgetown, the capital city, was founded over 200 years ago under the Europeans during colonialism. Its boundaries extend from Cummings Lodge on the East Coast Demerara to Agricola on the East Bank Demerara. It is divided into 77 wards and communities and boasts a multi-racial and multi-religious population. Being the capital of Guyana, it is the main commercial centre and currently the country’s principal port.

Georgetown City Council
Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown

Meeting place: City Hall
Telephone: 226 4061
Fax: 227-1050


Mr. Ubraj Narine


Deputy Mayor

Mr. Alfred Mentore


Town Clerk

Ms. Candace Nelson

226-4190/ 623-1510

New Amsterdam Town Council

The township of New Amsterdam was established in 1791 by the Dutch and is fondly known as the ‘Ancient Town’. It occupies an area of approximately 13.7 Sq. Km with an estimated population of 35,000 residents.

Although the town was expanded to include neighbouring communities, it maintained much of its old architecture and boasts some of the oldest Churches in Guyana.

Town Hall 1950 New Amsterdam Town Council
Town of New Amsterdam, Berbice

Meeting time: Last Monday, 14:00 Hrs
Meeting place: Town Hall
Telephone: 333-2667


Ms.Winifred Rebecca Heywood


Deputy Mayor

Mr. Wainwright Mc Intosh

672-4251/ 622-3999

Town Clerk

Ms. Sharon Alexander


Corriverton Town Council

Corriverton is the township farthest to East of Guyana. It is a narrow Coastal strip on the Corentyne River at the mouth and between No. 74 Village on the North and Crabwood Creek on the South. It was upgraded to Township status on September 7th, 1970 under the Municipal District Council Act 28:01. It is divided into wards and has a population of about 40,000 residents.

Owing to its proximity to Suriname, its economic activities are centered on commercial trade in a number of industries.

Corriverton Town Council
Corentyne, Berbice

Meeting time: 4th Wednesday, 14:00 Hrs
Telephone: 339-2250


Mr. Winston Roberts


Deputy Mayor

Mr. Imran Amin

339-2537/ 613-1085


Town Clerk

Mr. Narendranauth Sukhram

339-3194/339-2250/ 663-0304

Linden Town Council

Linden Town Council is the only urban settlement that is not located on the country’s Coastal Plain and is usually referred to as ‘the gateway to Guyana’s interior. It is found approximately 107 km up the Demerara River and consists of the settlements of Wismar and McKenzie. Linden boasts a population of approximately 35,000 residents.

Its main economic activity is bauxite mining; other economic activities include saw milling, logging, agriculture and commerce.

Linden Town Council
Mackenzie, Linden

Meeting place: Last Wednesday; 14:00 Hrs
Telephone: 444-4010
Fax: 444-6303


Mrs.Waneka Odetta Arrindell


Deputy Mayor

Mr. Wainewright Odida Bethune


Town Clerk

Ms. Orleena Obermuller


Rose Hall Town Council

Rose Hall is the smallest of Guyana’s six towns and is located on the northern Coastal Plain at the centre of the Berbice district.

Historically, this township was a communal village and on September 20th, 1970 it was declared a town. It is divided into three wards: Middle Rose Hall, East Rose Hall and Williamsburg.

Located at the back of this township are beautiful beaches that have potential for tourism.

Rose Hall Town Council
Rose Hall, Berbice

Meeting time: 3rd Wednesday, 14:00 Hrs
Meeting place: Town Council office
Telephone: 337-4882


Mr. Dave Budhu


Deputy Mayor

Mr. Roydel Lewis


Town Clerk

Ms. Natasha Griffith


Bartica Town Council


Mr. Gifford Eldon Marshall


Deputy Mayor

Ms. Arita Peggy Embleton


Town Clerk

Ms. Phebe Wallerson



Mabaruma Town Council


Mr. Chris Mark Phang


Deputy Mayor

Ms. Carolyn Adelva Robinson


Town Clerk

Mr. Ganesh Seecharran



Lethem Town Council


Mr. John Theophillus Macedo


Deputy Mayor

Ms. Debra Evadne King


Town Clerk

Ms. Keisha Vincent



Mahdia Town Council


Mr.David Samuel Adams


Deputy Mayor

Ms. Juewayne Mendoca- Burrowes


Town Clerk

Ms. Molica Adams