Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Hinterland Sustainable Housing Programme

Project Status: Extended | Duration: July 2016 - December 2019 | Budget: US 3.1M

Project Description:

Under this multi-million-dollar project, 12 communities in Regions One and Nine are lined up to benefit significantly from the delivery of full house replacement subsidy. The four communities in Region One are: Whitewater, Kamwatta, Haimakabra and Sebai; while the eight communities in Region Nine are: Katoka, Kwatamang, Massarra, Karaudarnawau, Haiowa, Karasabai, Potarinau and Sand Creek.

The housing solutions include “full house replacement” and/or a “roof replacement”. A full house replacement means that families will be provided with a one-storey elevated timber building (Region One), or flat burnt-brick building (Region 9) measuring 500 sq. ft., with four rooms and front and back stairs; with zinc roof, guttering, a 400-gallon water tank and a pit toilet.

Under roof replacement, they will be provided with zinc sheets for their houses, measuring no more than 5000 sq. ft., complete with guttering, fittings and a 400-gallon water tank.


Objective:                                To improve livability of low income families in select communities of the hinterland through better access to housing, potable water, sanitation and the promotion of women’s empowerment.



Types of Subsidies                   Building on the lessons of the hinterland housing pilot the project will provide:

  1. Full Houses -1  storey  timber or burnt brick building, measuring 500 sq. ft. with 4 rooms, and front and back stairs, with zinc roof, guttering, a 400 gallon Water Tank & an improved  pit latrine  – or –


  1. Roof replacement – zinc sheets for a house measuring no more than 500 sq.

ft., complete with guttering, fittings and a 400 gallon Water Tank, and an improved pit latrine.


Identified Beneficiary Communities:     12 communities in Regions 1 and 9

  • Region#1- Whitewater, Haimakabra, Sebai and Kamwatta
  • Region#9- Katoka, Kwatamang, Massara, Karasabai, Potarinau, Haiowa, Karadaunau and Sand Creek


Community Selection Criteria:

Communities were selected by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs in 2014 based on the following criteria:

  • Communities must be situated in Regions 1 & 9
  • Level of Poverty in Community
  • Cultural Cohesion of Community
  • Organizational Strength of Village Council
  • Land Tenure (titled Amerindian Lands


2016 Programme:

 G$40 Million for the disbursement of 42 subsidies (17  houses and 25 roofs in 5 Communities in regions 1 and  9):

  • Sebai – 5 Houses and 10 Roofs
  • Whitewater – 6 Houses
  • Kwatamang, Katoka and Massarra 2 houses and 6 roofs each.
  • Completion of beneficiary selection process in all of the 4 region 1 communities, and 3 region 9 communities


Project Status:         

Commenced July 2016.

  • Beneficiaries selected for 2016 Programme in Sebai and Whitewater
  • Needs Assessment completed in  Sebai, Whitewater (Region 1), Kwatamang, Massarra and Katoka (Region 9)
  • Procurement of labour, local materials and hardware materials in progress in Sebai, Whitewater (Region 1), Kwatamang, Massarra and Katoka (Region 9)