Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Canada-Guyana Partnership for Community Planning Project 2009-2012

Project Status: Started | Duration: 2009-2012

Project Description:

The Canada-Guyana Partnership for Community Planning Project 2009-2012 is a partnership agreement between the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) and the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) which concluded in March 2012. The principal objective of the Project was the training of Guyanese Public Sector Professionals and Community leaders by means of a capacity-building program designed and delivered by Canadian and Guyanese trainers.  The training was delivered in the context of the preparation of Community Development Plans (CDPs)

In addition to training and capacity building, the Canada-Guyana Partnership for Community Planning Project afforded an opportunity to share and promote good planning practice occurring throughout the Region and build partnerships among like-minded Organizations.  To this end, the Project hosted a series of five (5) Regional/International Events over two (2) years. Three (3) of these Events were hosted in Guyana and two (2) in Canada.

Other project collaborators involved in delivering training activities are the Guyana Lands & Surveys Commission (GL&SC) and the University of Guyana-University of the West Indies- University of Suriname Consortium in Planning.

In March 2009, CIP entered into a contribution agreement with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to deliver this 3-year Project entitled “Canada-Guyana Partnership for Community Planning”. The Project was delivered by means of four sets of activities: Community Development Plans; Training & Institutional Strengthening; Communications & Promotion; Plan Implementation:

  • The design and delivery of Community Development Plans (CDPs). Each plan will reflect key issues, priorities and interventions particular to the selected community and consistent with the range of stakeholder expectations.
  • Training & Institutional Strengthening, relying on a mix of short-term, certified, modular, and on-the job training, and delivered by Canadian and Guyanese professionals.
  • Plan Implementation: Several tools are to be put in place in order to ensure the successful implementation of priority projects identified in the CDPs.
  • Annual regional events intended to communicate and promote project achievements, and build Guyanese, Canadian and Caribbean networks of professionals.

A fifth activity involves project management, monitoring and evaluation.


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