Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Solid Waste Disposal Programme

Project Status: Started

Project Description:

Aimed at enhancing Guyana’s garden city image and improving its solid waste management structure, the Ministry of Communities has outlined a comprehensive and economically viable, bio-friendly initiative that will serve as a blueprint for the implementation of best practices.

The strategic framework will guide government’s agenda on waste collection, transportation and disposal; improving the waste management infrastructure, enforcing existing legislation and promoting waste- to- energy initiatives.

Referred to as the National Solid Waste Management Strategy (NSWMS), it will serve to inform the country’s integrated efforts at converting waste material into useful resources by ensuring their full utilization and eventual exploitation for byproducts and value-added.

The objective is to reduce the long-term environmental, social and economic impact of a broken, archaic and disorganized system of solid waste management as the nation grapples with the re-socialization of a generation which thrived under a culture of littering and unlawful disposal of garbage that had plagued the country for a number of years.

Its purpose is also to ensure that Guyana’s natural resplendence and unspoiled beauty remains intact and consequently preserve and ensure the health and wellness of the nation’s most precious asset; its human resource.

Among some of the measures is the already implemented ban on Styrofoam, a reduction in the utilization of plastic material, the implementation of a container-recycling project and the introduction of a robust garden/community composting system.

The strategy covers a broad spectrum of waste including residential, commercial, industrial, scrap metal, those produced by healthcare facilities, discarded oils and electrical and electronic refuse.

It is projected that by the year 2024, 40 percent of all generated waste will be recycled, composted or otherwise put to use.

In recent times, there have been quite a few efforts at promoting a cleaner environment through various anti-litter campaigns.

Most notably; the Guyana Shines initiative launched by the US Embassy, the Ministry of Natural Resources “Pick it Up” and President David Granger’s nationwide community clean-up efforts.