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Summary Report on the National Conference of Local Democratic Organs

The National Conference of Local Democratic Organs (NCLDO) was held on July 26th, 2018 at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre under the strategic programme to empower and equip LDOs for  improved  service  delivery  to  residents  of  their  communities,  towns  and  regions.  It  was convened  to  gather  information  on  the  current  practice  of  local  governance  in  Guyana  and identify  development  priorities  for  inclusion  in  the  2019  budget.  Organised  by  the  Ministry  of Communities  and  the  Ministry  of  the  Presidency,  the  conference  was  the  launching  pad  for  a participatory  process  of  conducting  situational  analyses  of  the  local  governance  sector  and identifying  solutions  to  the  challenges  faced  within  and  across  LDOs.  The  NCLDO  was  thus  an important  step  in  the  ongoing  process  to  deepen  democracy  within  Guyana  and  initiated  the succession planning efforts of the outgoing councils.