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Waste-to-Resource exhibition highlights benefits of recycling

Darren Shako, Consultant Ministry of Communities cutting the ribbon opening of the exhibitors.

The Ministry of Communities this morning opened a two-day exhibition on recycling waste material to utilizable resources.

Darren Shako, Consultant Ministry of Communities explained, that the exhibition is another step to informing the public of all the ways waste can be used in the country’s drive to becoming a green state. “We need to rethink our approach in managing waste especially solid waste.”

According to Shako, the event serves to attract citizens’ interest and inform them of the ways they too can make a difference. It “provides a platform for persons who have been in the habit or re-using waste to showcase what they have been doing over the years.”

At the Texila University booth, one of the students, Mahathi SK explained to the Department of Public Information (DPI) that their display showcased a Biogas project which uses a large tank to produce methane gas. The methane gas, in turn, is used as an alternative source of fuel. “It can be used for cooking, electricity everything which we use petrol,” SK said. She added that Guyana with its large agricultural sector “can use all that waste to produce electricity for a small farm and thereby save a lot of fuel”.

Maritza Jackson, an Ecuadorian, residing for a number of years in Guyana, said her journey began a year ago when she wanted to make a unique present for her husband. She decided to design an ornamental couple out of newspaper, this has led to numerous other items crafted from newspaper, magazines, and cans. She plans to start a business and encourages others to be creative and use old items to make a difference.

Some recycled bottle ornaments.

Some recycled bottle ornaments.

A vendor of the Port Mourant market, in Region 6, Roxanne Kendall said she has been making stuffed animals from recycled materials for about a year. She noted that many persons do not seem to grasp the importance of recycling.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) representatives said while awareness has been growing, the organisation will continue being part of such initiatives to ensure more persons are informed about the need to protect the environment.

The Ministry of Communities has a 2017 – 2030 solid waste management strategy under the theme “Putting waste in its place” in Guyana. In September, the Ministry began discussions with various stakeholders to update a draft of the strategy. The updated plan has three main components– sustainable waste reduction and management strategy, operational standard procedures, and analysis of Guyana’s solid waste sector.

The exhibition was held on Main Street, Georgetown.


By: Zanneel Williams

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