Cooperative Republic of Guyana

About Us

The Ministry of Communities is the primary Government Agency which links the various authorities with the Central Government. It facilitates, coordinates and monitors the execution and implementation of a number of projects, programmes and activities in the various local government arms/organs and ensures that these activities are in conformity with the legal framework and the policies of the Government.

Vision and Mission statements:

Vision: To improve the quality of life of Guyanese by promoting the development of cohesive, empowered and sustainable communities (CESC) through collaborative and integrated planning, good governance and satisfactory service delivery.

Mission: to provide policy leadership and management to enable Local Democratic Organs to deliver social, economic and environmental services in communities and to provide affordable housing solutions, water supply and sanitation services and also to promote water resource management.

Core Values:

Accountability and Transparency

Equity and Equality


Honesty and Integrity

Innovativeness and Creativity

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Customer-centered services

Participatory Approach and Inclusiveness

Divisions of the Ministry

The Ministry of Communities addresses its mission through three programmes:

Main Office: ensures the successful implementation of the Government plans, policies and programmes in accordance with good governance, facilitating infrastructural and human resource development in the Regions. The two Ministers, the Permanent Secretary and their Secretariat and the Special Projects Officer serve in this Division.

Ministry Administration: provides effective administrative and accounting services; promotes and coordinates career development within the Ministry; and supports human resource development efforts generic to Regional Democratic Council. Four Sections make up this Division, namely:

  1. General Administration
  2. Personnel
  3. Registry
  4. Accounts

Regional Development
: monitors the growth and development of the Regions, Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and Municipalities through the promotion of good governance, facilitating infrastructure development/maintenance and training. This is achieved by the following Sections:

  1. The Local Government Section
  2. The Municipal Services Division
  3. The Planning and Training Section. The Chief Regional Development Officer heads this Section.