Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Regional Democratic Councils

Regions (RDC) – The Regional Democratic Council

The Regional Democratic Council is the supreme Local Government Organ in each region with the responsibility for the overall management and administration of the Region and the coordination of the activities of all Local Democratic Organs within its boundaries.

Below is a breakdown of the Councillors of the Regional Democratic Councils:

Region # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
No. of Councillors 15 17 27 35 18 30 15 15 15 18

The Councillors are elected at the same time as the members of the National Assembly at Regional Elections which are held every five (5) years. The Regional Executive Officer is the Accounting Officer of the Region and also functions as the Clerk of the Regional Democratic Council.

Main Functions of the Regional Democratic Councils

  1. To administer all services required within its boundaries (services such as health, education, public works etc) as set out by the laws.
  2. To coordinate the activities of the Local Democratic Councils and provide such cooperation and support as required. It should be noted that the Regional Democratic Council has some power delegated to it by the Minister responsible for Local Government.
  3. To develop regional facilities as it deems necessary.
  4. Identify economic (revenue earning) projects and assists the Administration in executing works necessary for the development of the region.

RDC - Region 1

Mabaruma North West District

Statutory Meeting: 1st Wednesday – Bi-monthly
Telephone: 777-5029

RDC - Region 2

Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast

Meeting time: 2nd Tuesday, 09:00 hrs
Meeting place: NDC office
Telephone: 771-4694

RDC - Region 3

Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara

Meeting time: 1st Wednesday at 10:00 am
Meeting place: RDC Office
Telephone: 264-2261

RDC - Region 4

Triumph Village, East Coast Demerara

Meeting time: 3rd Tuesday, 13:00 Hrs
Meeting place: RDC Boardroom
Telephone: 220-8912

RDC - Region 5

Forth Wellington, West Coast Berbice

Meeting time: 3rd Thursday, 10:00 Hrs
Meeting place: RDC office
Telephone: 232-0292

RDC - Region 6

Vryman’s Erven, New Amsterdam

Meeting time: 1st Thursday, 09:00 Hrs
Meeting place: RDC office
Telephone: 333-3120

RDC - Region 7

Bartica, Essequibo River

Meeting time: 3rd Wednesday (Bi-monthly), 19:00 Hrs
Meeting place: RDC office
Telephone: 455-2251
Fax: 455-2316

RDC - Region 8

Mahdia, Potaro

Meeting time: 3rd Tuesday (Quarterly)
Telephone: 225-8655 (for radio messages)

RDC - Region 9

Lethem, Rupununi.

Meeting place: RDC office
Telephone: 772-2021

RDC - Region 10

Linden, Upper Demerara.

Meeting time: Last Thursday, 10:00 Hrs
Meeting place: RDC office
Telephone: 444-6775
Fax: 444-2135