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The Ministry and You

Empower and Equip LDOs

  • The Ministry wants LDOs to be  efficient and effective in delivering services to  residents. To this end, the Ministry  is committed to:
  • Local Democratic Elections
  • Assist with the creation of plans for Regional and Municipal development
  • Setting up of the Local Government Commission
  • Revision of LDOs Legislation and Regulation
  • Increase revenue base for LDOs

Instill Integrated Waste Management

  • The Ministry  will have a collective approach towards dealing with solid and water wastes. Therefore, it will:
  • Ensure that the relevant Legislative Framework is in place for National Sold Waste Management
  • Implement a Solid Waste Management Communication Strategy
  • Create a National Solid Waste Management Plan
  • Create functional Landfill Sites
  • Improve the operations at Haags Bosch Landfill Site.
  • Create a resource recovery plan to  generate revenue from waste
  • Implement a National Waste Water Management Plan
  • Provide financing for private companies to install wastewater management improvement system
  • Expand GWI Sanitation Services.

Promote Water Resource Management

  • The Ministry will be improving water resources and service management through:
  • The implementation of the National  Integrated Water Resource Management Strategy
  • The setting up of a National Water Council comprising key stakeholders to discuss water safety,  sanitation, conservation, and other related matters
  • Create Regional Water Supply Plan
  • Utilize the Dakoura Creek as a pilot project for  water management
  • Creation of new GWI Strategic Plan

Provide Quality Affordable Housing Solutions

  • The Ministry will aggressively pursue the development of new cohesive communities and enhance existing settlements by:
  • Implementing a Housing Policy and Strategic Plan
  • Pursue Integrated Planning and Land Divestment
  • Installation of neighbourhood centres and community facilities
  • Promote Private Partnership for housing developments

Support Strengthening Communities Disaster Risk Management

  • The Ministry wants to improve the Communities Early Warning and Early Response to Disasters. As such, the Ministry will:
  • Introduce Regional Disaster Risk Management Platform and Risk Reduction Management Plans
  • Conduct Hazards and Vulnerability Assessment

Strengthening Policy Management of the Ministry of Communities

  • The Ministry  will provide LDOs with  the necessary support mechanism and policy implementation through:
  • Institutional Strengthening Plan
  • Placing staff in areas suitable for their expertise and conduct training
  • Introduction of Monitoring and Evaluation System

Local  Economic Development

  • Whilst working with the LDOs to engage civil society in local economic development, planning and implementation the Ministry will implement its  Sustainable Livelihoods and Entrepreneurial Development programme. The Ministry believes this programme will help to:
  • Create new job opportunities through the setting up of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Improve social benefits in communities
  • Increase the capacities of LDOs