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$420M worth of Contracts Awarded

CONTRACTS SIGNED || $420M for Markets construction at Parika and Leonora

-Providing jobs to citizens nationwide – President Dr. Irfaan Ali commitment.

Two contracts were today signed in the presence of the Hon. Ministers of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall and Public Works, Deodat Indar.

The two contracts are valued at a total of $420M for the construction of the Parika Market and a tarmac at Leonora Market.

The contract signed at Parika is for the second phase of construction of the market at a cost of $270M GYD. The Parika project should be completed in five months time.

After over five decades, vendors will benefit from a new market space conducive for plying their trade at the Leonora Market, Region three. In 5 months, transition works are to begin and a tarmac will be built then vendors will be placed into market to do rehab works on roads in the area.

The contract signed is for the construction of an 8000sq meter tarmac at a cost of $150M. Upon completion of this project it will cater to just over 700 vendors at the Leonora Market Space.

In the near future more work will be completed at Leonora market which will see the construction of sanitary facilities, upgraded drainage and electricity will be catered for. As time goes by an upgraded parking lot.

The trenches and drains surrounding the market area will be cleaned and upkept by the NDC.

Rehabilitative works and construction has been done on other markets across the country, Mon repos, Charity, Berbice, other small markets around Georgetown with the first phase of Parika which started early 2022.

Several vendors were present at the contract signing and a few shared their stories as vendors and their gratitude for the project finally taking place.

Rajdai Ramotar has been a fresh produce vendor for over 50 years. It was one of those jobs that helped to make ends meet and it was her way of lending support to her spouse.
Rajdai Ramotar – Fresh produce vendor for over 50 years.
A journey for which she is very grateful to have endured. She explained that the trade has passed on and her son who now runs his own fresh produce business providing apples, grapes, carrots etc. Rajdai said she has worked in other markets as well and shared her most memorable experience.
“We would sleep here Friday nights so we have things to put out on Saturday morning. I experienced a lot but I never gave up, because if I did I think the maker would be vex with me.” 
Saddiki Haniff – Vendor
The Market has been around since the 1960s Saddiki Haniff (vendor) commented, he spoke of how vendors pooled their resources and built the structure that now stands today. “The president came and saw what was happening for the market, so this is a big leap in that direction, and I hope that the vendors play their part after the tarmac has been constructed, that they’ll come inside the market and clear the highway.”
“We would like to thank the president for this initiative and I know he has a lot more in the pipeline for our region.”


People within the community will benefit from works in the community, specifically the market project. The contractor responsible for completion of works is from Leonora which means that the project will provide employment for persons of that community.

Also highlighted at the signing was the part time workers programme.

Minister Dharamall in his speech said that the part-time worker programme is a commitment of H. E Dr. Irfaan Ali to providing 50,000 jobs across the country with region 3 benefitting from at least $80M per month in salaries. Further, the minister calls on the NDC to ensure the upkeep of the infrastructure of public spaces in the community.

As the fastest growing community in the region, Minister Dharamlall also urged residents and vendors alike to keep the environment clean.

Residents were also tasked with encouraged to be involved in community projects as this will allow for smooth and transparent processes.

This project is a commitment of H.E. Dr. Irfaan Ali to development of communities across Guyana through the Local Government Sector.

Permanent Secretary of MLGRD signing contract with the Contractor of S&D Construction.
Contract to Leonora Market being signed in the presence of the ministers and vendors.








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