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GOVERNMENT REACHING THE PEOPLE || Minister Dharamlall visits communities across region 3.

Hon. Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall met with residents from several communities across region 3.

During the meeting, the Minister listened and documented the issues raised by residents.

Among the issues highlighted were rehab works for a few roads, drainage, flooding, the need for properly lit streets, access to a community ground located in Den Amstel, recreational facilities at Patentia, payments for Part-time Workers, and Health Centre services.

The Minister has committed to the residents that their voices were heard and that their concerns will be addressed with relevant agencies.

NDIA, Public Works

On the note of drainage and irrigation, residents spoke of flooding because of poorly maintained drains and canals during rainy weather and high tides. A commitment was made by Dharamlall to engage the Agriculture Ministry to assist with the desilting/cleaning of drains to alleviate flooding and clogged drains.

The Regional Engineer is responsible for doing inspections throughout the region prioritizing the concerns raised about drainage. He is now required to provide that data to make way for a speedy resolution for the residents.

As the concern for roads was highlighted, people were encouraged to identify priority areas. Those included roads where schools, health centers, and elderly people live.

“Public Works Minister, Deodat Indar and a team will visit the region to assess the damage

to roads and look into getting the priority roads completed.” – Minister Dharamlall.

Recreational Facilities

As promised, Ministry of Culture Youth, and Sports Minister, Charles Ramson was contacted to assist with recreational facilities for the youths across the region.


Residents at both meetings highlighted the need for streetlights. It was concluded that each area will be assessed to determine where lights are needed and will be provided through the NDC in the interim as Dharamlall said, “upon completion of the gas-to-shore project, it is the government’s mandate to ensure lighting is installed countrywide, especially in places they need it most in at least 1.5 years.”

Part-time Worker Programme (PTWP)

To date, 2000 people are employed under the PTWP, 65% are women with approximately $80B spent in support of the initiative in the region.

NDCs and LGE

Dharamlall reiterated to residents at Patentia that the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) is responsible for works within their communities, such as but not limited to; the garbage disposal and maintenance of drains/canals. As such he encouraged persons to vote on June 12th as their vote determines the councilors who are responsible enough for the affairs of their community.

This is part of H.E. Dr. Irfaan Ali’s commitment to development countrywide through the Local Government Sector.


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